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Boxes & Supplies


Once you’ve decided to move your things into storage, the next step is to figure out how you will pack things correctly. Many of us have made the mistake of going to local liquor stores or grocery stores, only to find that they break down boxes almost as soon as they receive them. If they do save boxes, they typically are a variety of different sizes, somewhat damaged, or contaminated with bugs or food residue.

Buying boxes may seem at first to be an unnecessary expense, but the purchase is certainly worth the investment if it safely preserves your belongings. The total number of needed boxes can be purchased in one trip, rather than hunting from store to store and relying on what’s available. When choosing box sizes, keep in mind not just what they can store, but how easy they will be to transport. Choose smaller boxes for books and heavy items, and larger boxes for linens and clothing.

Tape, Pads, & Covers

So you’ve got your boxes all filled up and you suddenly realize you didn’t bring tape! At A-Verdi Self Storage we’ve got you covered from start to finish. We offer a number of packing materials that will help protect your belongings while they sit is storage for an extended period of time. We have everything from Tape to Mattress Covers to help keep your things in their best condition. We even carry bubble wrap to keep those fragile items safe. You’ll be grateful when dust collects on your covers and not your furniture.

Propane Exchange

On top of all your needed packing supplies, A-Verdi Self Storage works together with Mighty Flame to offer cheap and easy propane tank exchanges. It’s a hot summer day and you’ve got meat on the grill when suddenly the propane tank is empty… We’re just minutes away so stop down to our close to home location where you can drop, swap, & go! We even sell propane tanks for those in need of a spare.

FedEx Drop Box

If you are looking for a convenient location near your neighborhood where you can drop off your packages to be shipped, look no further. You can stop by anytime day or night and drop your packages off in the drop box. FedEx makes daily pick ups from A-Verdi Self Storage so you can be sure your items will be delivered on time with no hassle to you!